Leasing a new car is a good choice for people who want a new vehicle every three years and don’t want to layout too much cash for a new vehicle. We hunt the best car lease deals every month and publish them here. Make sure to check the expiration dates on each car. After submitting your info for a dealer quote, you will be contacted by the dealer. Make sure you mention the speific vehilcle/deal you are interested in.

YearVehicleMSRPMonthly PaymentLease TermMiles Per YearDue At SigningVehicle TypeDeal GradeExpiration DateRestrictions
2017Acura ILX 4dr Sedan28,940
Residency restrictions apply.
2018Acura RDX AWD 4dr SUV38,2753093610k3299SUVA10/31/17Residency restrictions apply.
2018Acura TLX 4dr Sedan33,9503293910k2499SedanB+10/3117Residency restrictions apply.
2016Cadillac ATS 2.0T Luxury Collection 2dr Coupe41,9203293610k4029CoupeA10/31/17None
2017Honda Accord Hybrid Base 4dr Sedan30,4802293612k2699SedanA10/31/17Residency restrictions apply.
2017Honda Accord LX 4dr Sedan CVT24,1301893612k1999SedanA10/31/17Residency restrictions apply.
2017Honda Civic LX 2dr Coupe CVT20,8251693612k1999SedanB+10/31/17Residency restrictions apply.
2017Honda Fit LX 4dr Hatchback CVT17.7651393612k2399HatchbackB10/31/17Residency restrictions apply.
2017Honda HR-V LX 4dr Crossover CVT21,2051793612k2299CrossoverB10/31/17Residency restrictions apply.
2017Kia Cadenza 4dr Sedan32,8902993612k2499SedanA10/31/17Residency restrictions apply.
2017Kia Forte LX 4dr Sedan 6A18,4951393612k1999SedanA+10/31/17Residency restrictions apply.
2017Kia Forte5 LX 4dr Hatchback19,0951393612k1999HatchbackA+10/31/17Residency restrictions apply.
2017Kia K900 Premium V6 4dr Sedan50,8504293612k2999SedanA+10/31/17Residency restrictions apply.
2017Kia Optima Hybrid Premium 4dr Sedan26,8902292412k1999SedanA10/31/17Residency restrictions apply.
2017Kia Optima LX 4dr Sedan23,0851892412k1999SedanA10/31/17Residency restrictions apply.
2017Kia Sedona LX 4dr Mini-Van29,8502993612k1999Mini-VanA10/31/17Residency restrictions apply.
2017Kia Sorento AWD LX 4dr SUV29,9952243612k2599SUVA+10/31/17Residency restrictions apply.
2017Kia Soul 4dr Wagon 6A18,5951793612k1999WagonA-10/31/17Residency restrictions apply.
2017Kia Soul EV+ 4dr Wagon36,8451993610k1999WagonA++10/31/17Residency restrictions apply.
2017Kia Sportage AWD LX 4dr SUV25,5952212410k2399SUVB10/31/17Residency restrictions apply.