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2015 Tesla Model S

Tesla_Model_S_P85D Tesla_Model_S_digital_panels 02-2012-tesla-model-s-fd-1347336748 2015-tesla-model-s-p85d-15_1600x0w EV_Rally_Trollstigen_Tesla_Model_S-1 2015-Tesla-Model-S-P85D-rear-interior-seats
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  • 02-2012-tesla-model-s-fd-1347336748
  • 2015-tesla-model-s-p85d-15_1600x0w
  • EV_Rally_Trollstigen_Tesla_Model_S-1
  • 2015-Tesla-Model-S-P85D-rear-interior-seats
  • 2015
  • LPG
  • Auto
  • Optional
  • Mileage 208
  • Electric
Price: $69000 to 105000

#1 2015 Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S, a spacious 5-passenger electric sedan is on the top list of the 2015 most coveted cars. It boasts of an impressive performance as well as an excellent cargo room beyond the reach of its rivals. Tesla in itself is more of a technology company than an automaker, making it one of the best companies to watch out for as a savvy tech enthusiast.

Sophisticated and Silent

The 2015 Tesla Model S delivers 60mph in barely 3 seconds which is absolutely mind-blowing. This is not only way above what other production sedans deliver, but it is much quicker than many other sport cars. This is made possible by the sophisticated and highly-powered electric motor that powers the front wheels of the new Tesla Model S. This in addition to a superb standard rear motor delivers 691 HP only available in the best EV available in the auto market today. The cool Tesla Model S has been designed from the start as an EV and this is exhibited by all its models, whether the new 70D entry model or the top P85D model. They all come with EV space, on-road silence, comfort, battery range and style. The model is powered by a low-mounted battery that makes the model easy to maneuver. It also has a quick steering and unbeatable power delivery making it and exciting ride.


The brand new Model S is fitted with an impressive interior. It comes with a 17-inch infotainment screen that is highly sensitive to finger taps, drag movements, as well as cursor controls. Its spacious 5-passenger interior still allows for additional features to be fitted such as a pair of rear-facing jump seats on the cargo area. It has sufficient passenger and cargo space unlike other car models. It also has an additional front trunk referred by Tesla as “frunk” or “froot” in England. The perfectly-fitted seats allow the driver and passengers to sit comfortably in all seating positions.

Great Tech

It has a high-definition navigation camera, adjustable front seats, a superb 7-speaker audio system of 200 watts with USB inputs but without a CD player, 17-inch infotainment screen, an high class starter system; no start button, you simply get in, shift to gear and drive.

Additional Features

An exterior view of the Tesla Model S is quite outstanding. Its main highlights include retractable door handles, a rechargeable port, and rims that fit both 19 and 21-inch wheels. It has an impressive ground clearance making it perfect for both smooth and tasking terrains. Some additional features such as a panoramic glass roof, Nappa leather, Subzero package, an Autopilot Tech package (featuring keyless entry, power rear liftgate, active cruise control, and lighted door handles), high-end audio, and an active air suspension. All these are optional.


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