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  • 2015
  • Petrol
  • Auto
  • Optional
  • Mileage 23
  • 2.0 or 3.0 Liter
Price: $33.845

#6 BMW M235i

The brand new BMW M235i fitted with adaptive suspension as well as a Dynamic Traction Control has made it into the topmost coveted cars for 2015. It is one of the finest cars with excellent cornering ability and a superb everyday comfort. Its 6-speed manual engine coupled with its ability to churn out 325 horsepower in conjunction with a torque of 332 make this ride ideal for both the smooth and the rough roads.


The cool 2015 BMW M235i in every sense highly upholds the reputed BMW values, being an ideal everyday ride with intriguing performance abilities. It comes with cutting-edge technology and a competitive price which is surely worth its value. BMW’s M cars have always won the day as the most incredible sports cars, and the company has designed the current crop such that it is a perfect fit for the track than the public road. It is a nimble little car with top notch easy=-to-handle to abilities offering the driver a complete control. It is all that a BMW should be; a car with impressive handling characteristics and an ability to serve as a daily driver.

The Engine

In terms of its engine abilities, the BMW M235i is superior over other models. It is fitted with a 3-litre inline engine with six cylinders and a twin-scroll turbocharger. These in tandem, generate a power output of 326 HP and a torque of 332 pound-feet. The manufacturer has devoted decades in refining this engine, putting in place complex and sophisticated but efficient valve and direct injection technologies.

Fuel Economy

In terms of fuel economy to performance you can choose between Eco Pro, Sport Plus, Comfort, or the Sport modes fitted with a rocker switch console. The BMW models always come with the idle-stop feature and thus you can save on the gas. You get to choose from either a 2WD or the all-wheel-drive. Furthermore, an additional fuel-saving feature is fitted, a superb instrument cluster display that gives an insight as to which gear you should be in.

Smooth Ride

The BMW M235i with a variable steering and a standard adaptive chassis makes an ideal ride for the smooth as well as the rough roads. Its superior performing engine can run all day at 6000 rpm. It is an ideal sport car that gives the driver a quick and stable lane change abilities while on the freeway. It is also quiet stable and fast in maneuvering rough and mountain roads. Its superior features such as the coveted BMW Dynamic Traction Control as well as the Corner Braking Control make this model a superb sport car. The Corner Braking Control breaks the inside wheels in precision making it easy to handle. The traction control gives a little slip ability to the model and in combination with the precision braking control, the model becomes more of a Sport Plus type.

Confident and Sexy

The M235i is easy to drive and is also an excellent high-speed ride. It has all that it required for a 3-series modern car; fast, confident, and sexy. It is economical in fuel consumption and provides sufficient space for both the small family as well as the out-going single.


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